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Chopping Boards

Why invest?

Our boards are made from native Australian hardwoods. At 2 to 3.6 times harder than common softwood boards, they're designed to last a lifetime.

Being single piece with no glue joins they're guaranteed not to fall apart.

We've performed extensive tests comparing hardwoods to soft revealing: 1) Hardwoods ware at least 7 X slower - equaling enduring ongoing high performance and exceptional longevity;  2) Harder woods did not blunt knives faster than soft. Click here for the videos.

Tests have revealed wood to actively kill bacteria, whilst plastic, glass and stone harbour them. The high eucalyptus oil content combined with significantly shallower knife scarring provides greater bacterial resistance than softwoods - actively killing bacteria much faster.

Camphor Laurel - the most common single piece chopping board in Australia, is known to contain highly toxic compounds, as they ware quickly these end up in your food. Native Australian hardwoods, in contrast, have been used medicinally by indigenous Australians for countless millennia, and are known to be non-toxic.

Finally, we pay great attention to design to ensure our boards aren't just beautiful to look at, but practical and comfortable to handle as well.

You can be assured an investment in a Sarmarie Designs chopping board will pay for itself many times over and will care for your health more than any softwood board on the market.

Click here for more detail on our woods.